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TigerTMS News

With the continuing accelerated pace of change in the technology industry, combined with the ever-evolving hospitality sector, we will aim on this page to provide the latest news and analysis that affects your business.  

Introducing iNotify… Groundbreaking Guest Engagement

Introducing a brand-new concept for engaging with your guests – TigerTMS iNotify.

Why use a dedicated app when most guests have a communication tool already installed on their phones?

No messing about on the app store, just a quick opt in to receive hotel notifications, then let the chat commence with iNotify via WhatsApp.

Seamless engagement with your guests will begin at Check-in, where they will be securely created on the Customer Relationship Management System and sent a language optimised “Welcome” message via WhatsApp to open the guest communication channel.

Read more about iNotify and how it can transform your Guests experience here.

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WWF Tiger Adoption

In conjunction with the WWF (www.wwf.org) TigerTMS has adopted 35 endangered Tigers in the Khata Corridor in Nepal. ‘Animal adoptions