The Next Generation Mobile Solution for Hotel Guests

The Covid pandemic has resulted in an increasing reliance on delivering services via the guests’ own mobile device, rather than traditional shared devices within the property. This satisfies guests’ needs for safety and mobility.

iPortal delivers hotel information, messaging, telephony client and auto check-out to the guest smartphone without the need to download an App.

Simply scan a QR code to access the iPortal that is the gateway to all of the applications a guest will ever need during their stay!

iPortal Demo

Open the camera on your phone and point it at the QR code to view the iPortal Demo.

If on a mobile device you can view the iPortal Demo direct here

Key Features

  • Easy access to hotel information & services
  • No downloads
  • Custom branding
  • Revenue enhancing
  • Messaging
  • Speed dials
  • Mobile Check-Out

No Apps, No Downloads, Just Better Guest Service

Hoteliers want solutions that deliver real value for their guests without the need for complex set-up processes. TigerTMS recognises this. Our mantra is “EASY TIGER”.

All of our solutions, employed by over 18,000 hotels globally, are designed for simplicity of installation and speed of delivery. The intuitive design is easily understood and the guest experience is immediately enhanced. Rapid assimilation leads to happier guests and increased hotel revenues.

Generate Additional Revenue

Upsell additional services (critical period between booking & check-in) and cross-sell 3rd Party services —taxi, restaurants, theatre etc.

Enhance Guest Experience

Easy engagement with hotel staff via voice or messaging and no App to download. Customise with your branding.

Save Money

Replace traditional hotel directory and make ongoing changes via inclusive Configuration Manager.

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iPortal Functionality

Hotel Information

Replace your expensive traditional hotel directory and deliver straight to your guest. Customise information in real-time to upsell hotel products and services. The iPortal Configurator makes it easy to add / remove content to support promotions and Hotel events.

Associated Services

iPortal can be used to promote associated services – such as taxis and restaurants – thereby providing the hotel with additional incremental income through referral programmes.


Seamless engagement with your guests. Should a guest have any issues before or during their stay, they can interact directly with hotel staff, even sending photos of their concerns. Each request is routed automatically to the most appropriate department to resolve in a fast, efficient manner.

Speed Dials

Integration with the hotel telephone system means that iPortal provides custom speed-dial buttons for guests to contact the hotel function of their choice – e.g. room service, concierge.

Express Check-out

Integration with the Hotel PMS means that guests may check-out using iPortal on their smartphone without queuing at reception.

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