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With the continuing accelerated pace of change in the technology industry, combined with the ever-evolving hospitality sector, we will aim on this page to provide the latest news and analysis that affects your business.  

Post Covid-19 Hospitality Reopening Guide

TigerTMS customer Celtic Manor have kindly shared a document on planning for reopening in response to Covid-19.

‘The health and safety of hotel guests and staff members will remain the paramount concern as hotels and tourist attractions make preparations to reopen when current lockdown measures are eased.

It will be possible to reopen hotels, restaurants and other leisure facilities while adhering to social distancing restrictions and other Government guidelines designed to safeguard public health and safety, and minimise the spread of Coronavirus.’

You can download the full document here.

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WWF Tiger Adoption

In conjunction with the WWF (www.wwf.org) TigerTMS has adopted 35 endangered Tigers in the Khata Corridor in Nepal. ‘Animal adoptions