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With the continuing accelerated pace of change in the technology industry, combined with the ever-evolving hospitality sector, we will aim on this page to provide the latest news and analysis that affects your business.  

Post-Covid Hotel Reopening Checklist

Our system specialists have created this handy guide to ensure your TigerTMS systems are ready for hotel reopening. You can download the guide in PDF format here.

This document is intended as a generic guide and should be performed one week before reopening. Not all features will apply to all customers so please contact your local support office for any guidance.


  • Check you can access the iCharge web portal
  • Check a guest in from the PMS with credit. Go to the guest room and make an outgoing and connected call for at least 30 seconds. Run a report on iCharge to check the call details. Check on the PMS that the call has been posted onto the PMS bill for the correct amount.
  • Call reception from a room and check that the guest name appears that was used in the check in process.
  • Generate a Room Status event from the telephone and check it is updated correctly on the PMS.
  • Check out a guest ensuring that the phone is barred, and the guest name is no longer appearing on the display if you call Reception from the room.
  • If you have an Auto Attendant in place whilst the hotel was closed, then think about having the Hotels’ Incoming number programming changed back to normal status by the PBX vendor.
  • Test leaving a Voicemail on a colleague’s phone or an occupied bedroom, ensure the Message Lamp flashes. Retrieve the message and check that the lamp resets.
  • Test setting a wakeup call 15 minutes in the future for a room either from the PMS, iCharge or from the phone in the room itself. Head to the room and ensure phone rings at the wakeup time set.


  • Check connectivity between the PMS and other devices by performing a check in and verifying that the devices update. (Tablet, TV etc)

Please do not hesitate contacting with any questions or if you require any further assistance.

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