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With the continuing accelerated pace of change in the technology industry, combined with the ever-evolving hospitality sector, we will aim on this page to provide the latest news and analysis that affects your business.  

SAAS – Special Promotion

The grip of Covid-19 is easing slightly across the world and our thoughts are turning to planning for business in the new post-Corona era. The Hospitality industry will not be the same for a very long time (if ever) as occupancy rates struggle to rise, social distancing restrictions will be enforced mandatorily or by the guests themselves, and there will be an aversion to using any type of shared device.

We believe that the pace of change to deploy Cloud solutions will accelerate. Hotels will want to consume as much IT as possible as a service – freeing-up valuable space, reducing headcount and paying for what they actually use rather than the theoretical maximum. Occupancy-based charging will become the norm.

We at TigerTMS already provide Cloud services to a large number of hotels across the world from our Data Centre in the U.K. This model has worked successfully for many years but, from a Partner perspective, offers lower or less value as the majority of the post-sales engagement is direct between us and the customer.

We want you to be able to offer your own Private TigerTMS Cloud Services – thereby building up your annuity revenue streams and becoming more valuable to your clients. We will support you in ensuring that your software is maintained and always at the latest release levels. You can also trial new software before general market availability – every new release will be optimized for the Cloud.



To get you started we are offering, for a limited time only until the end of May, 100 licenses each of iCharge PRO and InnLine for 12 months free of charge. These would normally be charged to partners as follows –

iCharge Pro – £0.72 Per Room / Month or £864 100 Rooms / Year

Innline Voice Mail and Wake Up – £0.55 or £660 100 Rooms / Year

Annual Total Saving £1524

The only commitment needed from you is to cover the 1-day Professional Services charge for installation (£750) and to provide access to your server platform (see technical requirements specifications below).

To order, send us a standard P.O. quoting promotion code SAAS-100 to cover the professional services cost. We will work with your team to get you up and running ASAP.

TigerTMS Application Specifications

Supported Operating Systems
Windows Server 2012 R2 x64
Windows Server 2016 – Standard or Data Centre versions only
Windows Server 2019

Supported Virtual Environments
VMWare 6.0+
For Virtualised platforms, the MAC Address of all NIC’s attached to the VM must be set to static

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Processor: Quad Core i5 Gen7+ 3.00Ghz / Xeon v5+ E3 or Silver
Memory: 8GB
Hard Disk Drive: 200GB

Multi-Tenant/Property Specifics
Each instance can support up to 8 Properties or 5,000 guest rooms per server, whichever comes first.
For example, one system may have 8 hotels all with 200 rooms each for a total of 1,600 rooms. Another system may have 1 hotel with 5,000 rooms.

Cloud Connections
Site-to-Site VPN connections can be used when applications are hosted in the Cloud to connect to on- premise solutions in a secure manner, for example the PMS, PBX or IPTV systems.

Bandwidth requirements for iCharge are 512Kbps bidirectional. For InnLine, 0.1Mbps is required per voice channel port, bidirectional.

For example, with iLink and an 8-port InnLine system, a 0.8Mbps peak connection would be required for InnLine, plus 0.5Mbps for iLink for a total requirement of a bidirectional 1.3Mbps connection.

Important Notes
The server provided must be dedicated to TigerTMS and other applications cannot run on the same server to prevent port/database clashes.

Anti-Virus is recommended on the server. Some Anti-Virus applications are very aggressive with on-demand scanning and can significantly affect the performance of our software accessing our database information. It is recommended to exclude our database directory from real-time scanning.

Other News

The Power of 2

New Mobility for Guests In the post-Covid world, there will be an increasing reliance on delivering services via the guests’


WWF Tiger Adoption

In conjunction with the WWF (www.wwf.org) TigerTMS has adopted 35 endangered Tigers in the Khata Corridor in Nepal. ‘Animal adoptions