Mobile Guest Extensions

Mobile Guest Extensions

Mobile Guest Extensions

iConnect provides guests with the ability to use their mobile phones as extensions of your hotel telephone system.

  • Allows guests to make local calls without incurring large international call charges from their provider
  • Useful for international guests to use their phones on a local tariff either inside or outside of the hotel
  • Enables unrestricted communications to the guest directly on their mobiles

Hoteliers want solutions that deliver real value for their guests without the need for complex set-up processes. That’s why all of our solutions are designed for simplicity of installation and speed of delivery. The intuitive design is easily understood and the guest experience is immediately enhanced. Rapid assimilation leads to happier guests and increased hotel revenues.


Integrated to your PMS and telephony system using the power of iLink, this solution enables guests the freedom to make calls from their own handsets.

Competitive pricing makes iConnect a viable solution for all types of hotels. Available on a monthly subscription basis, the number of connected users is controlled by the hotel for maximum return on investment.

Key Features

  • Integration with all major telephone systems
  • IOS & Android Support
  • Optimizes battery life
  • Works over WiFi and GSM Networks
  • Hotel specific branding
  • Software as a Service
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