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With over 35 years’ experience, TigerTMS is the leading developer and supplier of specialist middle-ware and applications to the Hospitality market worldwide. All of our solutions are available as SaaS or installed on-premises systems.

Today, we can count over 18,000 individual hotel properties as customers that are using our software and benefiting from our services.

iPortal delivers hotel information, messaging, telephony client and auto check-out to the guest smartphone without the need to download an App. Simply scan a QR code to access the iPortal that is the window for all of the applications a guest will ever need during their stay.

Introducing a brand-new concept for engaging with your guests – TigerTMS iNotify. Why use a dedicated app when most guests have a communication tool already installed on their phones?

In the post-COVID world, there will be an increasing reliance on delivering services via the guests’ own mobile device. iConnect LITE allows hotels to easily integrate guest mobile handsets with their own telephone systems.

iPortal – New Mobility for Guests

In the post-Covid world, there will be an increasing reliance on delivering services via the guests’ own mobile device, rather than traditional shared devices within the property. iPortal delivers hotel

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The Power of 2

Solutions designed from the ground up to help you succeed in a post-COVID world, delivering services via the guests’ own mobile device, rather than traditional shared devices in the hotel.

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In conjunction with the WWF (, TigerTMS has adopted 35 endangered Tigers in the Khata Corridor in Nepal.

Sadly, there are more tigers in captivity in the US than are left in the wild. There’s now estimated to be around 3,900 wild tigers globally. Tigers currently only occupy less than 6% of their global historical range, and populations have declined by around 95% since the beginning of the 20th century. The tiger is officially classed as endangered by the IUCN.

‘Animal adoptions like yours give a huge boost to our work. They not only help fund projects to work with local communities to monitor tiger movements, reduce poaching and help people to realise benefits from living in close proximity to wild tigers – but they also support our other vital work around the world.’

With an enviable suite of hospitality applications, we provide solutions to make your guests happy and staff efficient. 

iCharge Guest Management

InnLine Guest Voicemail

TigerCloud - SaaS

There are many applications available in the market today that promise to deliver improved guest satisfaction and productivity enhancements. Our software suite differs from the rest with a dedicated integration engine called iLink,  a service bus that provides connectivity and interfacing to all other applications ensuring a single integrated system throughout the hotel.

Front Office PMS, Telephone Systems, IPTV, Guest Mobile BYOD, High Speed Internet and Guest Management Systems – every part of your infrastructure is linked to give a seamless flow of data and bring your Hotel together as one as it should be.

TigerTMS Partners

TigerTMS is partnered with some of the largest hospitality technology providers to allow seamless & accredited integration with hotel infrastructure.

Accredited integration is a key to success in providing our solutions.