Real-time Guest Information and Essential Notifications

Real-time Guest Information and Essential Notifications

Real-time Guest Information and Essential Notifications

iGuest is a unique guest services and emergency notification solution developed specifically for the Mitel MiVB platform.


iGuest ensures your hotel’s systems support your staff in providing a greater guest experience and support of emergency notifications:

  • Transforms guest service by providing front-line hotel staff with all of the information they need to make the guest’s stay a happy and memorable experience
  • Takes guest data from the hotel PMS and displays it on the colour screen of the Mitel 6940 handset when the call is received
  • Hotel staff can be better informed and provide a proactive service to enhance the guest experience
  • Provides visual alerts of emergency calls and missed wake-ups supporting the requirements of Ray Baum’s Act and Kari’s Law

Information Display

iGuest Information Display

When a call is made from the guest room to the front-of-house, the information held in the hotel’s systems about that person is displayed on the screen of the iGuest Mitel 6940 handset.


In this example: Mr Ramos Vitas is staying in room 201, he checked in on 24th July and is checking out on 31st December. He has 4 open tickets for hotel services, some wake-up calls set and Do Not Disturb is activated.


Pressing the “Tickets” button would provide the user with full details of the requests made by Mr Ramos.

Emergency Notification

iGuest Emergency Notification

For any guest making an emergency call from their room, all of the iGuest screens flash red, accompanied with an audible bleeping sound.


All calls and alerts to iGuest stations are tracked and can be reported:

  • Call direction
  • Call date and time
  • Call duration
  • Station answering / making call
  • Unanswered call report


iGuest uses the power of iLink to integrate effortlessly to your PMS to ensure requests or calls are handled as efficiently as possible. Please contact us to request an iGuest demo.

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