A Cleaner Experience

Housekeeping for a Modern Age

A Cleaner Experience – Housekeeping for a Modern Age

A Cleaner Experience – Housekeeping for a Modern Age

“Where Technology meets Hospitality for Seamless Housekeeping”

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    • Efficient monitoring for management.
    • Easy to use mobile access for housekeepers.
    • And for guests using iPortal, a slick “make up my room” request button.

    iReadyRooms enriches housekeeping teams to operate efficiently, increase communication, and improve guest satisfaction. It provides significant benefits for the hotel, staff, and guests by streamlining processes, improving service delivery, and offering a more personalised and convenient guest experience.

    Dashboard View by Tasks

    Dashboard View by Room

    Key Features

    Enhanced Communication

    • Direct and seamless communication between housekeeping management and staff ensures everyone is on the same page.
    • Priorities and special requests from management ensures Housekeepers are instantly aware of changes in guest requests or room status.

    Increased Efficiency

    • Housekeepers receive room status and tasks on their mobile devices, reducing delays and improving response times.
    • Real-time updates are shown for each task status, job change, or prioritised assignment, reducing confusion and the need for constant check-ins with the management.

    Maximise Productivity

    • Optimise staffing levels and reduce labour costs with efficient schedules and prioritisation based on guest requests and occupancy status.
    • Track cleaning status, room readiness and pending tasks in real-time.
    • Track time for assignments for review of staff performance.

    Easy To Use

    • Housekeepers access their task lists, room statuses, and updates with ease from their mobile devices, making their job more manageable and organised.
    • Logging on via a mobile phone or tablet is done by scanning a QR code and authenticating their user details.
    • Intuitive design of the mobile view ensures that housekeepers can navigate and use the system with minimal training.
    • Clear and simple task descriptions or instructions are presented on the mobile removing uncertainty and potential for errors.

    Improved Work Management

    • Prioritise tasks based on guest requests and room occupancy to ensure housekeepers and hotel operations work at their most efficient.


    • Activate priority notifications and elevate VIP and urgent tasks for specific guests and room types.

    Performance Through Analysis

    • Quickly review statistics and key performance indicators to make data-driven decisions.
    • Job History reporting provides insights of tasks assigned by room, jobs by housekeeper, and details around status (completed, pending or assigned.)

    Enhanced Guest Satisfaction

    • Personalise and enhance the guest experience by fulfilling and honouring “Do Not Disturb” or ‘Make Up My Room” wishes by implementing iPortal with iReadyRooms.
    • Gives guests greater control over their stay and allows them to manage their housekeeping preferences on their mobile device, avoiding having to call or visit the front desk.
    • Slick “Do Not Disturb” or ‘’Make Up My Room” buttons send instructions to iReadyRooms housekeeping to ensure privacy without unplanned interruptions and gives notice that their room is ready for a housekeeper to enter.


    • In a world that aspires to be greener, guests have the choice to be more sustainable by opting to decline housekeeping. Using iPortal with iReadyRooms, they can select “I don’t need my room cleaned today” as their housekeeping preference.

    Connect Your PMS

    • Access and update room status in real time with integration to your existing PMS.
    • iReadyRooms also runs stand-alone without PMS connectivity, if required.
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      Benefits Summary

      • STREAMLINED COMMUNICATION AND INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Housekeeping staff get real-time updates on tasks and room status directly on their phones, eliminating. This leads to faster response times and improved guest satisfaction.

      • EFFORTLESS STAFF MANAGEMENT AND OPTIMISED OPERATIONS: iReadyRooms helps prioritise tasks based on guest needs and room occupancy, maximising staff productivity. Managers can track cleaning progress, room readiness, and staff performance in real-time, allowing for data-driven decisions and optimised scheduling.

      • ENHANCED GUEST EXPERIENCE AND CONTROL: When used with iPortal, Guests can set “Do Not Disturb” preferences and request housekeeping services, leading to a more personalised stay. Housekeepers are then instantly updated of guest requests that their room is ready to be cleaned, ensuring prompt service and a more positive guest experience.
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