Authorised Partners

Authorised Partners

Authorised Partners

Partner Programme

The TigerTMS Partnership Programme is intrinsic to the success of our business. It enables us meet the high expectations of hoteliers, in a professional way. Our Authorised Partners understand the pressures and requirements of the Hospitality market.

Benefits of joining the TigerTMS Partnership Programme:

Expand Solutions

Expand the range of solutions you provide to your clients and become a valuable partner in their supply chain

Increase Revenue

Increase revenues and drive the growth of your business

New Business

Access our comprehensive and rich set of assets to support new business opportunities

Partner Types

TigerTMS offers two different partner types, one of which is sure to fit your business model for continuing growth and success:

Authorised Partner
Be supported by TigerTMS who will provide installation and support services to the end-user, whilst you maintain the relationship with the hotelier.

Authorised Services Partner

Become an Authorised Services Partner by investing in training, and become competent to complete installations directly, and be accomplished to offer 1st and 2nd line support to your hotel customers.

Authorised Services Partner

Authorised Partner


Named Account Manager

Named Finance Contact

Enhanced Discounts

Quarterly Reviews

Annual Reviews

Joint Marketing Fund

Sales Promotions

Co-Branded Collateral

Advance Product Information

Presentation Materials


Annual Training Refreshers

Access to Pre-Release Software

Support Ticket Tracking

Technical Architect Access

Demonstration System Software

If you are interested in joining our Partner Programme, get in touch.

Access to Tigerpedia

We support our Partners with a wealth of important collaterals, ranging from sales and marketing information, through to technical documents such as Installation Guides, End User Guides, and ‘How do I’ information.

Tigerpedia also provides a forum where you can ask questions or offer advice to like-minded industry associates. Whether you’re a customer, Authorised Partner or Authorised Services Partner sign up today.

Our Commitment

Giacomo Broggi
Owner - SETS S.r.l.
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”Since becoming a Partner of TigerTMS, we have expanded the range of services provided to our customers, transitioning us from a technology provider to a Partner who provides real value added solutions.”
Ayoola Ajuwon
General Manager -
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"The investment made by TigerTMS in their partnership programme means we are well equipped with all the information and support we need to deliver quality solutions to our clients. Thank you TigerTMS."
Roger Peter
Head of Sales - Damovo
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“TigerTMS are a leading authority in developing robust technology to the hospitality sector. Our partnership allows us to offer their suite of solutions, giving us greater reach to provide a fuller service to our clients. It’s a win-win relationship.”
Dominik Zelazko
Owner - Ferrum Media
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“Our mission is to offer the best technologies available to our clients. The partnership with TigerTMS supports us in this endeavour, and has increased our revenues, helping us achieve our growth strategy.”
Randy Stone
President and CTO - Frontier Computer Corp
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“We’ve developed a great partnership with TigerTMS Innovation, their dedication to supporting us through client implementations is second to none.”
Jóhann Örn Kristinsson
CEO - Axon Simalausnir
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"I recently had the pleasure of working with TigerTMS on a project and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The team was professional, efficient, and consistently went above and beyond to ensure that our project was completed to the highest standard.”
Adrian Seymour
MD - TigerTMS Ltd
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"TigerTMS’s success is centred on our strong commitment to mutually beneficial relationships with our Partners. We are committed to supporting our partner community and will always endeavour to develop solutions and provide services that help them succeed.”

Find a TigerTMS Partner

If you are a hotelier and would like to get in touch with one of our partners, you can search using the map below.