Authorised Partners

Authorised Partners

Authorised Partners

The TigerTMS Knowledge Base Has Arrived!

Important collaterals including technical documents are available. It’s also our discussion forum to ask questions or offer advice to like-minded industry associates.

Access to Tigerpedia

We support our Partners with a wealth of important collaterals, ranging from sales and marketing information, through to technical documents such as Installation Guides, End User Guides, and ‘How do I’ information.

Tigerpedia also provides a forum where you can ask questions or offer advice to like-minded industry associates. Whether you’re a customer, Authorised Partner or Authorised Services Partner sign up today.

Latest Partner News

iCharge Enterprise Partner Incentive

Following the launch of iCharge Enterprise, our Authorised Partners and Authorised Services Partners are eligible to apply for our incentive programme.


Partner organisations incentive


New Installs

  • Sell 9 x subscriptions and receive 10th subscription free 
  • Sell 5 x CAPEX and receive additional discount of average value for 6th project


  • Sell 9 x upgrades of iCharge to iCharge Enterprise, and receive 10th upgrade free

Individual sales person incentive

New Installs
  • Sell 1 x annual subscription and receive $100 Gift card (local currency equivalent)

  • Upgrade 1 x iCharge licence to iCharge Enterprise and receive $50 Gift card (local currency equivalent)
Apply for Partner Incentive Programme

    Partner Annual Awards

    Earn your stripes – new for 2022, we are running an awards programme, with 5 Categories up for grabs:


    1. New Partner of the year award.
    2. Overall Partner of the year.
    3. Best reseller Partner of the year award.
    4. Best authorised services Partner of the year.
    5. Most improved Partner Award.

    Partner Programme

    The TigerTMS Partnership Programme is intrinsic to the success of our business. It enables us meet the high expectations of hoteliers, in a professional way. Our Authorised Partners understand the pressures and requirements of the Hospitality market.

    Benefits of joining the TigerTMS Partnership Programme:

    Expand Solutions

    Expand the range of solutions you provide to your clients and become a valuable partner in their supply chain

    Increase Revenue

    Increase revenues and drive the growth of your business

    New Business

    Access our comprehensive and rich set of assets to support new business opportunities

    Partner Types

    TigerTMS offers two different partner types, one of which is sure to fit your business model for continuing growth and success:

    Authorised Partner
    Be supported by TigerTMS who will provide installation and support services to the end-user, whilst you maintain the relationship with the hotelier.

    Authorised Services Partner

    Become an Authorised Services Partner by investing in training, and become competent to complete installations directly, and be accomplished to offer 1st and 2nd line support to your hotel customers.

    Services Partner



    Named Account Manager

    Named Finance Contact

    Enhanced Discounts

    Quarterly Reviews

    Annual Reviews

    Joint Marketing Fund

    Sales Promotions

    Co-Branded Collateral

    Advance Product Information

    Presentation Materials


    Annual Training Refreshers

    Access to Pre-Release Software

    Support Ticket Tracking

    Technical Architect Access

    Demonstration System Software

    If you are interested in joining our Partner Programme, get in touch.

    Our Commitment

    Partner List

    If you are a hotelier and would like to get in touch with one of our Authorised Partners, you can search for one closest to you here: