TigerTMS & Carbon Neutrality

TigerTMS & Carbon Neutrality

TigerTMS & Carbon Neutrality

TigerTMS & Carbon Neutrality

Like many organisations, TigerTMS is doing its bit to become a more sustainable business. We acknowledge we can all play a part in the campaign against climate change, and we therefore invested in a climate action programme with ClimatePartner; a leading organisation who works with businesses to create plan to reduce emissions.


Our report involved conducting research into the emissions that we create as a business, and then calculating our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)


TigerTMS created a total of 67.81 t CO2e in 2022*


By learning what our carbon emissions are, we have a starting point or benchmark to work from, to reduce our future footprint wherever possible. Read our Corporate Carbon Footprint Report.


* emissions were calculated for UK Office (HQ) for the period Apr 2022 – Mar 2023

What did TigerTMS measure?

Energy and heating
Working with our energy providers, we analysed our usage throughout the year for our UK Head Office.

Employee commuting
We surveyed colleagues who commuted to our UK Head office. We asked how many times a week and mode of transport.

Business travel
We regularly attend international business events and conferences. Destination, mode of transport, class, and mileage were evaluated across the year.

Remote Working
As a global workforce, we took into consideration working from home. We asked colleagues how many days a week they worked, and what the percentage of that time was spent working remotely.

Reduction Targets

As a business, it is important to us to not just measure our carbon footprint, but to take steps to reduce our carbon emissions based on the results from the data we gathered.


In general, there are two ways to reduce emissions:


  • Decrease activities that emit greenhouse gases, for example, reducing energy consumption, use of raw materials, or the number of business trips taken by employees.
  • Reduce the intensity of emissions by selecting services, raw materials, and energy products that have lower emission factors, for example, by switching to a green electricity tariff.

What does this mean?

Working in hospitality, we have many customers and partners who are already operating initiatives to meet sustainability targets. By partnering with sustainably conscious businesses like TigerTMS, they are continuing their efforts to:


  • Support a cleaner supply chain for the hospitality industry.
  • Improving employee engagement and welfare knowing you’re only working with sustainability conscious businesses.

We acknowledge that it isn’t always possible for a business to achieve carbon neutrality, but by implementing small steps, little by little, we can all contribute towards a more sustainable planet.

Partners in Climate Action

ClimatePartner is our partner in climate action that works with over 5000 clients in 35 countries. They follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to calculate carbon footprints that are closely aligned with ISO 14064.