Happy Guests & Staff

Happy Guests & Staff

Happy Guests & Staff

iCharge enables front and back office applications to be connected within a single hotel or across multiple properties. A comprehensive set of call accounting features enable hotel staff to manage billing for guests and administration teams.


iCharge delivers first class performance in the integration of Property Management Systems, PBX, Voicemail, High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), IPTV, Guest BYOD and Call Accounting within a single application. This is a proven solution and has defined the standards for hotel groups on a global basis.

iCharge can be premise based, deployed in a virtualised environment, or hosted above property in a private or public data center and operated as a SaaS model. The ability to integrate via bi-directional interfaces to 3rd party applications such as Property Management Systems, PBX, Voicemail, HSIA and IPTV in real-time is at the core of the iCharge technology.

iCharge provides a platform for interconnecting all front and back office applications either in a single hotel or across a multiple properties with centralised management systems. The application has a comprehensive list of call accounting features and functionality that can enable hotel staff to easily manage the voice billing for the guests and administration teams.

iCharge dashboard
iCharge wake-up management


  • iCharge is the complete billing engine for voice and data charging in the hotel marketplace and is available in three options: iLink, Cub or Pro.
  • iLink is a bi-directional interface management application designed to handle inter-connectivity of any system using all of the communication methods available today and planned for the future.
  • Cub is ideal where only simple call management reporting is required and generally targeted at the 2 or 3* properties.
  • Pro is aimed at the 4 and 5* hotels and groups, and offers a comprehensive range of call management reports.


  • Single or Multi-Property Environment
  • Premise or Cloud Based
  • Physical or Virtual Environment
  • 32bit & 64bit Windows
  • SQL Server Based Data Storage
  • Scalable from 10 to 10,000+ Rooms
  • Web Based Application
  • Rapid Integration Development
  • Intra – Internet Connectivity
  • Email Support for Reports and Alarms
  • Universal Protocol Translation

Combined Service Packaging

  • Triple Play Support
  • Communication Packaging (bundling of telephone, TV & internet services)

Interface Management

  • Property Management System
  • PBX Call Accounting
  • PBX Hospitality Control
  • Guest Voicemail
  • Guest Wake Up
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • In Room Media Systems
  • TV Integration
  • Guest Content Systems
  • Guest Mobility Systems
  • Operator Directory

Integrated Solutions

At the core of iCharge is a powerful generic integration engine called iLink, designed to handle inter-connectivity of any system. iLink provides hospitality integration with any system that can support an external connection.

Originally designed to accelerate the development and implementation of interfaces to the many PMS vendors within hospitality, the system’s architecture has enabled it to build a large portfolio of third party solutions that can now be seamlessly aggregated to the hotel’s chosen PMS.