Empower your handsets

Empower your handsets

Empower your handsets

InnLine is a fully featured hospitality messaging application focused on the needs of guests and hotel staff. In addition, InnLine delivers a range of system wide features including multilevel auto attendant.


Innline is the premier solution for guest and administration voice messaging and wake-up management. The application has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry with complete integration to the hotel’s Property Management System.

Innline has become the preferred standard for many international hotel groups and provides the necessary platform for hoteliers and hotel operators to assist the discerning guest in their daily messaging and wake up requirements

InnLine provides hotels with guest and administration mailboxes, multiple languages, wake-up call management including group facilities, room or maid status, auto-attendant and mini-bar billing.

Efficient communication services within the hotel are vital and the InnLine application is an important layer of technology that will enhance the guests experience whilst improving staff productivity and performance.

  • SIP Based Integration
  • Analogue & Digital Based Integration
  • PMS Integrated
  • Minibar
  • Mailbox Open/Close
  • Wake Up Set / Clear
  • Multi-Lingual
  • DDI Allocation
  • Guest Group Messaging
  • Multi-level Auto Attendant


EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS within the hotel is vital and the InnLine application is an important layer of technology that can often enhance the guest experience.

GUEST VOICE MESSAGING eliminates the need for message taking and delivery, freeing up valuable staff time.

AUTOMATED ATTENDANT transfers outside calls directly to departments or individuals while your operator remains available.

STAFF VOICE MESSAGING creates more efficient staff communications. Staff communications, work schedules and maintenance orders can all be communicated through InnLine.

WAKE-UP CALL can be set by the guest, reception or from the Property Management System and managed automatically by InnLine. Complete automatic reporting is included.

The available technologies include ANALOGUE, DIGITAL and SIP INTEGRATION to the PBX and can also co-exist and compliment the TigerTMS iCharge Call accounting & PMS Integration suite.

AUTOMATED GUEST SERVICES provides information to your guests with the touch of a button. Guests can access travel information, weather forecasts, road conditions, current time, room service or local food delivery, directions to the airport, and much more.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INTEGRATION allows InnLine to automatically activate and deactivate a guest mailbox in the system. A guest’s messages and mailbox settings can be moved automatically when a room move message is received by InnLine from the hotel PMS.

MULTIPLE LANGUAGES, WAKE-UP & AUTO-ATTENDANT are available as standard with the InnLine solution. Features such as Room / Maid Status & Voice prompted mini-bar billing are all included.

HOTELMGR integration enables complete voice collaboration with the guest service rapid response solution. Workflow tickets can be created directly from the bedroom through the InnLine platform.