iSurf Guest WIFI

iSurf Guest WIFI
iSurf provides a cost effective, highly customisable and resilient solution for your Guest WIFI needs.

iSurf Guest WIFI

iSurf provides a cost effective, highly customisable and resilient solution for your Guest WIFI needs.

Guest WiFi in hotels and restaurants that works and is easy to use is indispensable nowadays. Guests want to get online quickly and easily, while the operator should have all options available to help them use their guest network login as a communication and marketing tool. Flexible interfaces with hotel software / PMS and other customer data systems / CRM mean that there is no longer anything to stand in the way of an ideal user experience and maximum insight into the customer journey.

Guest WiFi is not just about providing Internet access, but also about dealing with changing user numbers, user-friendly login and intelligent distribution of the bandwidth available. As the operator of guest WiFi, you want added value for the service you offer. iSurf allows you to design an attractive login page while also providing a wide range of options that you can use for marketing and communication by automatically redirecting guests to offers, event information, menus, survey pages, etc. after a freely definable time, for example.


The iSurf custom login page (captive portal) is multilingual and recognises the prefered language of the end device automatically. Furthermore, the login page provides support for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc.

  • Custom login page translated into 24 languages.
  • Scan & Surf – smart login by scanning QR code.
  • Concurrent login of multiple devices with same login information.
  • Walled Garden (free available websites to all).
  • Bandwidth management incl. guaranteed bandwidth per user.
  • “Remember me” feature for automatic relogin of already registered devices.
  • Predefined Terms of Use for all available languages.
  • Individual accounting (time, date, data volume, bandwidth) or free.
  • Loyalty program support (loyalty cards, hotel membership programs, …).

Secure & up to Date

iSurf automatic online updates are included in the Software Maintenance, keeping your system always up to date protecting you and your guests from potential threats. The scheduled backup protects against critical data loss.

  • SSL encrypted custom login page.
  • Frequent software updates.
  • DNS tunnel protection.
  • DoS prevention (denial of service).
  • Application Control (L7 Firewall, DPI).
  • Permanent adjustments to legal regulations.
  • Private VLAN support.
  • Logging of all relevant actions.